Winter Pick Me Ups for Those Cold Dark Mornings

As we head into the season of winter, there is much less light and warmth which can cause havoc with our internal systems. Not only affecting our ability to sleep soundly but the winter period can bring about feelings of sadness, anxiety and negativity. If you have been experiencing these low moods as we move into the colder months – have no fear, there’s nothing wrong with you and it’s not that you are just a ‘summer person’ (although you might prefer the summer season). Instead, these feelings are influenced by a lack of vitamin D that normally we naturally absorb from being out under the sun. This, in combination with the colder temperatures that make us tense and the interruptions to our sleep rhythm, can all lead to shorter temperaments and feeling on edge throughout the winter. 

Luckily, you don’t have to settle for these winter blues and there are a few methods you can employ to pick you up when you are feeling down. If you are feeling the weight of winter this year, try one of the suggestions below;

Get Up and Get Moving

When you are feeling down and hard-done-by, it can be tempting to wrap yourself up in bed and not face the day. However, this is a bad cycle to get caught up in and can make the problem worse. Instead, coax yourself out of bed, turn on a nice warm shower and get washed and dressed – even if it’s just a change of comfortable clothes as you aren’t planning on going somewhere. Getting up, showered and dressed can snap you out of your feeling-sorry for yourself state and give you back the gift of a day to do what you please. 

Reach Out to Someone

When you’ve brushed away the cobwebs of the winter lows and are feeling a bit more stable, consider reaching out and helping someone else who might be suffering from the same winter moods. Alternatively, put your spare time to good use and volunteer with a local cause or if you haven’t got the time to spare, consider charity donations that make a difference to someone in need. With many great causes to choose from you could brighten a child’s day by sponsoring an orphan or give an old pup the gift of a warm blanket. You and your contributions make the world a better place, see here for some more worthy causes

Go for a Walk Outdoors

We’ve mentioned simply getting up and getting ready for the day but another important aspect of raising a low mood is to get outdoors for fresh air and to get your blood pumping. Plan a route that takes you at least 5 minutes away from home before returning or simply let the wandering feeling take over and discover somewhere new from your doorstep. Don’t forget to wrap up in many layers, it’s going to be chilly out there! 

Build a Mood Boosting File

We’ve all made achievements in our lives and have a few things that instantly make us feel better. Spend some time when you are feeling uplifted building a mood-boosting file, with records of your achievements, memories of incredible days and reminders of your favourite songs, poems, stories – anything that brings a smile to your face and eases the burden of the winter blues. When you start to feel your mood dropping, simply reach for your ‘fortunate file’ and rediscover the things that make the day that bit more manageable. 

The winter is only a few months but when you aren’t feeling yourself, it can feel a lifetime. Don’t surrender to the winter lows, take one day at a time and make the most of it while you wait for the sun to shine warmly again.

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