5 Keys to Live a Comfortable Life

Life you see is a Key. It can open and close doors; it all depends on how you use it. These keys of life when properly followed can for ever change how you see and live life.

KEY 1 : Know that you are the creator of your own life

There are so many situations and events we cannot control, things that you must have to accept and live with. Yet, the level to which you control the outcomes of your life is much more bigger than you can imagine.



It is totally vital, although very difficult, not to get lost in worrying about circumstances you can’t control. Passing blames on other people for what they did or did not do won’t get you anywhere, either.


What matters is your focusing on what you are capable of doing within your circle of Influence. And this circle is often much greater than you believe it to be. What matters are the choices you make. Choice is at the center of all success and failure. It is that which you choose over time makes the biggest difference in your life.

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Realizing that you are the creator is the only way to truly create. taking full responsibility for the outcomes of your own life is the right way to achieve the results you want. Regardless of who or what is at fault for the circumstances you find yourself in. Not being at fault for your situation does not release you from the responsibility for your own future..



Even if every single tiny action you take can seem meaningless and irrelevant, on aggregate those tiny actions are all that matters. Your intentions and your actions are all that matters. Luck exists. As does bad luck.

KEY 2 : Never allow other people’s perceptions limit who you are

Do you want to be you or someone else’s reflection of you?

You want to create your own life, carve out your own path. You want to discover that which is uniquely you. No one knows what this will and will not entail. Not even you — yet.

Maybe you can’t achieve everything you want to. But maybe you can. What matters is that you find out for yourself. And this finding out might lead you where others don’t go. Where others don’t dare to go.

It’s important you listen to others. To understand how you appear in the world and how you can even better interact with it. And because there is always something others know that you don’t. Something others have experienced that you haven’t.

But listening does not imply obeying. Listening does not imply submitting to others’ perceptions. There is a gap between receiving others’ voices and opinions and acting based on a strong sense of your own principles.

If you let yourself be defined by what other people perceive of as you, then you’ll forever be limited by what they give you permission to do. (Tom Bilyeu)

Don’t let yourself be held captive by the limitations of those who can’t see what you see and believe in.

KEY 3 : Never ask for the meaning of life

Instead, ask: How can I make my life meaningful?

Whether there is or there isn’t a meaning of life, a purpose for your existence, it is you who can give meaning to the time you spend on earth. There is nothing more profoundly liberating and empowering than realizing this.

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It is you and only you who decides what you devote your time and energy to. You are the one deciding what your contribution will be. To your own life and to the lives of others. There is no right or wrong. What matters is that you do something. What matters is intention. What matters is action. What matters is that you live your life on purpose and not by accident.

Don’t sit around waiting for your purpose to come down and expose itself in front of you. This won’t happen. Instead, investigate life, live it fully. Be curious.

KEY 4: Curiosity

Do you have something that really excites you and that you love spending your time with? If the answer is no, maybe you just haven’t tried enough.

There are so many things you are not doing. There is so much you haven’t ever thought about. There is so much you know nothing about. But most of all, there is so much you don’t even know that you know nothing about.

At any point in time, the world keeps on hand a myriad of things, ideas, people and places waiting for you to discover them.

It’s filled with beautiful art, astounding cultures and mind-blowing nature that you can explore.

It’s loaded with controversial discussions, unsolved questions and puzzling mysteries worth diving into.

It’s impregnated with fascinating science and discoveries that will change your perspective on life.

It’s full of countless practices people have developed, love to share and you could also find a hobby in — an abundance of potential skills you can develop and cultivate.

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Only by being curious will you allow serendipity to strike. Only if you approach life with an open mind, seeking to learn and understand more about the world, will you get access to everything life has to offer. And it is only when you have this access that you can really carve out your individual passion.

KEY 5: Leave your mark on other people

If you impact other people in a positive way, you are making the world a better place. Bit by bit. It’s that simple. Contributing to other people’s happiness is one of the most important and, at the same time, most fulfilling achievements of life.

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You don’t have to be Mother Theresa to have an impact. Your influence on others is omnipresent. You are constantly impacting the people around you — if you realize it or not. There is always someone looking up to you one way or the other.


You impact others by your everyday behavior. By the example you set when you follow good principles and when you express good values. You influence people with your words. And how you follow up with actions. You impact others with your integrity. The character you radiate is what constantly influences people — and what could make a difference. Every single day.

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Focus on growing as an individual, as a human being. Constantly learn about the world and yourself. Live up to your values. Develop better values. Craft a positive mindset, focusing on abundance and growth rather than scarcity and fixation. Be kind and supportive. Get and stay fit and healthy. Set good priorities. Put in the work to reach what you set out to achieve.

Some of that will inspire someone to do the same. And how beautiful would the world be if more people did that?

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